[ A Flower Bed ]

There used to be some bushes
in this corner of our garden before...

They didn't seem to survive
so I moved them to another place.
I planned a new flower bed,
which my husband - thanks to him -
made for me in May.

I adore it!
The edges are made from old telegraph posts.
Aren't they sympathetic?
I shaveled the hole,
put a filtering fabric on the bottom
and filled the bed with dirt.
My 8-year-old son was a great help in this job.

Then we added the seeds and bulbs,
watered a little
and let the nature do the rest.
I'll soon show you more detailed pictures
of the flowers that grow here.

Now I've got to go eat.
There comes a delicious smell of smoked salmon into my nose,

See you.

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