[ Living Room Makeover ]


Look at this picture!
It was taken less than two years ago.
No wonder the living room wall was the very first thing
I wanted to change in our brand new house.
I think I had had "a great idea" of cheating my eyes with the moss green paint...
It made the sofas look whiter than they actually were.
And that was about THE ONLY GOOD THING about the wall colour.

I remember having my feelings hurt when my husband came clean and told me his opinion.
 "I feel like vomitting every time I look at the wall."
Oh well... At least he was honest.

I tried to forget the whole matter until...
I just had enough!

It took me only 2-3 working days
to change the look into this.
Way better, isn't it?!

Would you like to get more detailed pictures
and the step-by-step instruction?
PS. The living room has changed a little from the "after picture", too.
I'll soon let you know, how.

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