[ For Sea With Love ]

I want to share this happy news with you,
my dear readers,


He arrived just a month ago - and literally brought the sunshine with him.

He is about 1,7 meters tall and weighs something between 50 and 100 kilograms.
Too big to be a baby?
Yes, that's right!

He's our au pair.
 Let's call him "Leonel" just in case he doesn't want to get recognised in my blog.
Some people think that au pair is a servant, a baby-sitter or a slave.
Actually, the word au pair comes from French and means a member of family.
I hope Leonel will find another home here with us.

No doubt he is serving us - often without even asking -
he takes care of our kids
and because of both things mentioned before
he might sometimes feel himself a slave.
But, I hope we can offer him experiences,
which he will remember for years and years to come
and be glad and grateful for.

To me, at least, Leonel has taught a lot.
I've become more aware of the good things of my country.
"Advances" as Leonel would say.

Recycling the waste, for example.
And now I don't mean the things I've been showing you here in my blog.
In his home country all the rubbish goes to the same container
and that's it. We have ten different tanks.

Another example: the free taxi/bus drives for school kids.
Not mentioned the free lunch served at schools...

I could keep writing for hours, but that wasn't my aim.

Leonel has fell in love with many dishes we've made.
Just normal, everyday food for us, but something different and new for him.
Like the salads we love to make and eat.

Talking about that,
here's one of my favourite:
(click the name above and you will get the recipe in Finnish)

½ dl    stone pine seeds
½    cucumber
~ ½ l      fresh strawberries
200g    brie cheese
salad    (crisphead, crispa)

For the dressing:
½ dl    extra virgin olive oil
2 tbsp.      balsamic vinegar
½ tsp.    thyme
crushed black pepper
I translated the recipe into English
especially for "Sea", Leonel's mother.

Thank you for raising up such a gentleman!
Say "hi" to the rest of your family,
take care, with love


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