[ Flower Pot from a Baking Tin - tutorial ]

If you did'n know it already, now you will: I love old stuff.
Like these ancient cake tins, which I found from a flea market.
I've seen many fancy ideas of how to re-use them. Here is one:

a hanging pot for flowers!
I did'n want to make holes to the aluminium pot
[even though it's easier than necessary,
as I've learnt when I tried to make ice lanterns].
So what did I do?
Come and follow the steps and you will see.
Here's a baking tin.
[The poor one which got hurt in the winter.]
What else did I need?
Nice rope and a pair of scissors...
...and a rusty ring [or two, if you want to make a pair]
thrown away with an old wood stove.
You can also use other metal circles if you don't find similar.
But make sure the diameter of the ring is small enough
compared to the edge of the cake tin.

And then, of course we'd need some dirt and flowers.
Don't fill the tin too up -
leave some space for watering the plants.
Cut two long pieces of rope - same lenght of course.
Tie the ends tightly around the edges of the ring.
Make sure the knots are promptly and equally far from each other.
Lift up the handles you just made.
Tie them together and make another big knot
for hanging the pot.
Isn't it pretty?
By the way... You may share my ideas with your friends, of course,
but remember to tell the origin.


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