[ HandMade GreenHouse ]

This is not A HOUSE, to be honest. What would you call this?
Plant Closet? Germinating Cabinet? ;)
Well, anyhow...
I had a dream.
It wouldn't leave me alone. So...

...I began my project by gathering suitable supplies
[ second hand stuff, naturally, as far as possible].
What did I need?
Seven old windows, more or less the same size.
Some wood for the frame.
Four wheels, six pairs of hinges, few screws.
A saw, a screw-driver and a vacuum cleaner.
[ YES, the windows were dusty! ]
Sand paper, masking tape, paper to protect the surfaces,
a brush and some paint.
[ I found this grey-blue paint by the recycling tanks.
Yes; un-opened, ready-mixed, suitable for doors and windows outside.
One liter was just enough!
Thank you, my unknown neighbour! :) ]

You'll definitely have a good idea of what to put inside it, won't you?
Flowers, herbs, salad, pepper, tomatoes... You name it!
But how?

My husband [ yes, he is so much better with tools like a lock saw ]
carefully cut and fastened laths for the selves.
These selves are actually metal gratings from old kitchens,
found from a rubbish container again.
They are adjustable, which helps the plants to grow.

This was a demanding task, but not impossible.
And 100% worth it, don't you think?
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    Have a look and vote:



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