[ Project: The Old Bed, step 1 ]

The youngest of my beloved men has been sleeping between me and my husband quite long.
Too long, if you ask the oldest.

I kept my eyes open until I found this nice old narrow wooden bed.
I guess it was hand-made some time between the World Wars,
but it was still in good condition. Almost.

This seafoam green paint surface looked awesome.
Just perfect banal and pretty at the same time.
BUT... The joints had begun to loose.
I'd need to take everything apart and put some fresh glue into the notches.
 I was also a little worried about the tiny holes I found at the bottom of the bed.
Some insects have been living in the bed decades ago,
when the wood was still fresh and moist?

As the wood seemed to be still hard and dry, I wouldn't give up. Not yet.
I decided to remove the old paint to see what is underneath it.

I used the hot air gun (any brand will do, there are cheaper ones with good quality, too) and a filling knife.
I blew for a while with the lower temperature
and when I saw pubbles coming up, I firmly pushed with the metal tool.
Simple and easy.
But be careful with the heat gun!
 You can easily get burnt with 300 (or even 500) degrees Celcius.
See the difference?

Now I think I'll just softly wipe the surface with a piece of sand paper.
After reassembling I'll decide whether to leave the bed like this
or paint it again.

What would you prefer?

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